We deliver for our seniors. Literally.

As a volunteer-based organization, we rely on time dedicated from people like you to battle against the daily struggles faced by seniors as a direct result of COVID-19. For older folks either home-bound or living in isolation in care facilities, they face a daily struggle in carrying basic chores and gathering supplies for basic needs. They rely on services like ours to receive deliveries on a regular basis. These services make the difference in the number of COVID-19 cases present across each state by keeping at-risk folks at home and equipped with food and other necessities.

Our team makes weekly deliveries to eligible seniors in the Los Angeles county region, including PPE supplies, toiletries and groceries. Thanks to the incredible support we have from operational partners, like Access Transportation and Telzio, our volunteers have the vehicular and communication support to keep organized both on and before delivery day.

Keeping up special holiday traditions.

During the 2020 holidays we were overwhelmingly happy to deliver some rarer treats like pineapple, squash and cabbage to our seniors in keeping with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Our volunteers worked tirelessly around the clock to package, sort and hand bags off to our drivers. Check out some visuals of the team below!

The battle against loneliness and social isolation begins with you.

The physical effects of COVID-19 on the senior population aren’t the only concern for organizations like ours. Social isolation and loneliness in seniors leads to higher levels of depression, obesity, and other long-term illnesses. With the added strain of the COVID-19 pandemic, seniors are now more distanced from their families than ever. In an effort to keep themselves and their loved ones safe, the pressures of separation are more pronounced. During this time, it’s imperative that regular people show true leadership in their own communities by supporting seniors outside their own family member.

During a time when many of us either work from home, or may have some additional spare time, consider offering a portion of that time to volunteer for a local service in your city. This added sense of community and care goes a long way to ensuring a happier and healthier culture of giving.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to volunteer or donate with The I Did Something Good Today Foundation, visit the main page of our site.