Smile! I Did Something Good Today Foundation Now on AmazonSmile

Our foundation signed up with AmazonSmile, an Amazon program that allows buyers to donate a percentage of their purchases to their favorite charity and shop for supplies listed on a charity’s partner page.

If you don’t already have an AmazonSmile Prime account, you can create one on and select I Did Something Good Today as your favorite charity. Purchases eligible for a percentage donation have a badge next to them.¬†You can also place a direct order for high priority items on our AmazonSmile page. Your purchase will be delivered directly to our nonprofit, where we include items in our weekly deliveries to seniors every Thursday.

You can even download the AmazonSmile shopping app on Google Play or the App Store and make donations on the go! Alternatively, text ‘ISMILED2DAY’ to 44-321 to make a donation to our general fund. We use this money to place orders for high priority supplies ourselves. You can make a donation payment with a valid Credit Card, GooglePay or a linked bank account if you text us.

Make your donations with four options:

  • Make a purchase on our AmazonSmile shopping page for supplies delivered directly to our office in Los Angeles
  • Donate a percentage of your AmazonSmile eligible online purchase to I Did Something Good Today
  • Download the AmazonSmile Shopping app on your mobile device to make a donation on the go
  • Text ‘ISMILED2DAY’ to 44-321

Your donations make a direct impact

There are a million charities out there, so we mean it when we say we ‘thank you’ for supporting our seniors. Your donations have a direct impact. Each week, we make Thursday deliveries for essential food and supplies to the seniors in the Los Angeles county region.

Our nonprofit is run by volunteers. If you’re interested in learning more about our programs and services we offer, check out our site or sign up! You can also follow us on social.

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