Services and Programs

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The IDSGT Foundation was founded in 2018, and the GoldenTALK Senior Chatline was created in August of 2019.

We are proud of the work that our volunteers, supporters, and partners have been doing to support our seniors… especially since the onset of the pandemic. Below is a snapshot of our work.

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The GoldenTALK senior chat line launched earlier than scheduled in March of 2020, due to the pandemic and shutdown.

Since the launch of the chatline, we have over 200 dedicated volunteers who received over 18,000 calls, provided numerous referrals for rent payments, shelter, food, and various other vital needs during this unprecedented time. Learn more.

Over 18,000 Calls Since March 2020
Over 10,000 resources provided
Over 1200 seniors' rent paid

NEW: Our weekly delivery program will be coming to a close on 4/22/2021. Visit our delivery program page to learn more.

Although deliveries are not part of our scope of services, after receiving so many cries for food, PPE, and other essential items such as adult diapers, and walkers, we could not ignore the needs of our seniors.

The IDSGT Foundation made 100 deliveries every Friday to seniors in Los Angeles County. Learn more.

Over 1600 deliveries
20 amazing delivery volunteers

Our wonderful volunteers have made over 9,000 wellness calls to seniors. We have received requests for wellness calls from seniors who call our chatline directly, concerned family members, and other community partners.

Both the seniors and our volunteer sincerely enjoy the conversation can arise from these calls, and we welcome any other community partner to reach out to us if assistance is needed. Learn more.

Over 9,000 wellness calls since April 2020

The IDSGT Foundation launched “GoldenGRAMS” in May 2020.

GoldenGRAMS are letters and or pictures that were written or drawn by kids or adults. The beautiful letter and pictures we received from caring people all over the United States were placed in an envelope and personally addressed to each senior.

The feedback from the seniors was amazing! Some said it really lit up their day and they looked forward to receiving one every Friday with their deliveries. Learn more.

Over 1600 GoldenGRAMS were delivered
Nostalgic Radio

Music has the ability to elevate our moods and cognition. Nostalgic Radio does just that, elevate the mood of our senior community with radio shows and music from a simpler time.

This station will transport, inform, entertain, and accompany you, without unnecessary ads or cumbersome interruptions. Nostalgic Radio will help soothe and heal difficult moments you or your loved ones may experience, with music. Learn more.

Love Coaching

In response to a growing number of seniors in need of conversation around subjects of alcoholism, hoarding, feelings of loss, anxiety and depression, our Love Coaching Program offers the opportunity for seniors to call in and talk with a real person. If additional services are needed, our team of dedicated Love Coaches will provide a route to referral to see a therapist or mental health expert.

Our Love Coaching Program offers a solution for seniors that face time constraints with other hotline services. Our team is qualified to speak with regular callers and talk about a range of common mental health topics. Learn more.

COMING SOON: Connect-a-Senior

As part of the Adopt-a-Grandparent Program, I Did Something Good Today Foundation partnered with Human IT to provide low-cost internet to qualifying low-income seniors. Learn more.