Love Coaching


About the Program

Started as an offshoot of the GoldenTALK hotline service, we provide our seniors with Love Coaching, which includes the opportunity for callers to speak with a real person surrounding difficult topics during challenging moments in their life.

Our Love Coaches are qualified to speak with senior to discuss the topics not excluding:

  • Issues related to alcoholism
  • Issues related to hoarding
  • Mourning from a lost companion or spouse
  • Feelings of social isolation
  • Feelings of general anxiety
  • Feelings of general depression

If a caller is determined to need additional assistance outside that which our our Love Coaches are qualified to discuss, they will refer the caller to a mental health service to obtain the help he or she needs. Read the profiles of our Love Coaches below for more information.

Our Love Coaches

Shawn LaRĂ© Brinkley


Based in Los Angeles, Shawn LaRe is a certified Therapist and runs her professional practice, Living Loved Healing in Tarzana, CA.

Tracy Davidson Ben-Ami

Based in New York and a certified Rehabilitation Therapist with a Masters Degree, Tracy began as a Love Coach back in March 2020 and continues to support our Los Angeles seniors with her conversation and human approach toward the common challenges that seniors face.