The I Did Something Good Today Foundation Academy was created to further its mission and motto of uplifting community.

We have uncovered various needs within the community, such as lack of financial knowledge, the lack of homeownership within low-income community members, the lack of employable skills for gainful employment for at-risk youth, and young mothers on public assistance.

Our founder created multiple programs in 2004 to help address the issues she witnessed throughout her work in the Los Angeles community. During her time in the law field, the number of people getting into the payday loan traps, the lack of knowledge about debt and credit, and the lack of homeownership, especially within the African-American communities, was astounding. That experience was the motivation behind the creation of her workshop called TrueFinancial Empowerment.

Throughout the founder’s tenure within the homeless services system, witnessing the number of foster kids falling into homelessness and the young ladies having multiple children and going on welfare indefinitely without a plan inspired the founder to create the CES training program.

The tag line of our foundation is Community uplifting Community, and that is precisely what the IDSGT Foundation Academy is committed to doing. We are uplifting our community through training, motivation, and knowledge. Knowledge is power!

Careers in the CES

Careers in the CES (Coordinated Entry System) teaches those enrolled about the CES, why it’s essential, and how it works. It also provides fundamental and technical skills to get and keep attendees gainfully employed and giving back to their communities while moving them away from public assistance. This program targets the TAY and Re-Entry populations.

TrueFinancial Empowerment

TrueFinancial Empowerment teaches those enrolled in the ABCs of credit how credit and debt work and reviews predatory lending practices. The course also prepares the attendees for homeownership and assists them in finding the best first-time homebuyers program to help with their new home purchase. This program targets low-income minorities.

CES 101

CES 101 (Coordinated Entry System 101) focuses on providers throughout Los Angeles County currently not connected to the system. This course gives an overview of the CES, available programs for the populations they serve, and how to connect to unknown resources to assist their clients.

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