Introducing GoldenTALK, a lifeline for seniors seeking connection, companionship, and a listening ear. Our senior chat line offers a vibrant space for older adults to engage in meaningful conversations, share stories, and forge new friendships. Whether discussing hobbies, reminiscing about the past, or simply enjoying a casual chat, GoldenTALK provides a welcoming platform where seniors can feel heard, valued, and connected to their community.

With compassionate volunteers on the other end of the line, our chat line serves as a beacon of warmth and support, combating social isolation one conversation at a time. Join us on GoldenTALK and discover the joy of sharing laughter, wisdom, and camaraderie with fellow seniors.

In addition to our GoldenTALK senior chat line, we proudly offer our Wellness Call program, providing proactive outreach and support to seniors in need. With this initiative, we regularly contact seniors to check their well-being, offer companionship, and ensure they can access the necessary resources.

Family members and agencies can also request wellness calls for their loved ones or clients by completing the form below. Our dedicated volunteers make these calls with compassion and empathy, providing a friendly voice and a listening ear. After each interaction, recipients and requesting parties receive an email summary, ensuring transparency and accountability in our efforts to enhance the lives of seniors in our community.

You can reach the chat line by dialing (888) 60-GOLDEN or (888) 604-6533.


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Interested in volunteering?

We are a volunteer-based organization, and we value volunteers! GoldenTALK was designed so that our volunteers can help from anywhere..all that is needed is a Smartphone, Tablet, or computer!

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